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What is a USP and Why Should Your Items Have One?


For those not familiar with marketing terminology, a USP stands for "Unique Selling Proposition".  Simply put, it explains how what you sell differs from similar items, and why this is a good thing.

USPs primarily come into use when describing and promoting your unique items, hence why it is essential that you establish what yours is before uploading and describing your items.

Having a USP may seem like a gimic, but all it does is explain to others what you already know about the items you sell. It can also help you create more items that are marketable (in layman's terms, make things that people want to buy).

For example, if you can't establish a USP for what you already offer, perhaps you need to include additional features to make the item more marketable, ways that don't include lowering the price.

Establishing Your USP

To determine your USP, think about your item. What are some of its features? For a belly dance bra and belt set, this could be a unique design, vintage materials or resiliance to wear and tear. Instructional DVDs may cover a topic especially well for beginners. Whatever you sell, it has features, you just need to figure them out.

Compare your features to competitors. Competitors range from people selling similar items, to crafters who might be able to make what you are selling. You aren't comparing to be rude; you're simply looking at the features of your items versus the features of other items and determining how they are similar and different.

Features Versus Benefits

Once you have established what makes your item unique, find a way to explain that specialness in a way that is understandable, clear and concise. Change your features into benefits.

For example, not everyone knits. Instead of labeling all the different knots and fabric that went into your item, try talking about what this means. Do the knots last longer? Will the fabric fray less? Tell people what your product can do for them and they will have a better understanding of why they should buy.

Shout It To The Rooftops

Now that you know your USP, make sure you share it. When posting items on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, highlight a benefit to your item that might draw people to click on it. But most importantly, make sure your item description includes the USPs of your product.