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by Diara Sultan

A long time ago, Dilara Sultan had a vision.

Dilara never dreamed that belly dancing would change her life radically. And she's not alone. Thousands of men and women around the globe are traveling down the rabbit hole of obsession that is belly dance.

That is, until she hit a giant roadblock.

You know the one. The obstacle that every belly dancer from a small town inevitably meets. This block takes many different forms: a lack of teachers, minimal world music selections, no friends who share a love of this ancient dance form, and dismal costume selections.

And so, she had a vision.

She dreamt that all dancers could have access to the minds of the greatest belly dancers. Not the stars, but the artists; people who had a vision for belly dance outside of monetary value. A vision for a greater acceptance of oriental dance worldwide.

So she created Why Knot Productions.

She dreamt that dancers and musicians could find each other easier, and that the musicians could get a better share of royalties from their creations.

So she created Hip Muzik.

She dreamt that dancers from around the world could find each other outside of Facebook and Twitter in order to make lifelong friendships. She dreamt that a magazine could encompass not only the technique of dance, but how it changes lives.

So she created

She dreamt that dancers could find costumes easily in a trusted location; the same location where they can sell old costumes or their own handmade items. All of this without having to pay extreme fees just to sell one lightly used Bella, or 5 of their favorite designed jewelry items.

And now she's created shopping for