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How to Create & Use Shipping Profiles

Shipping profiles allow you to set consistent shipping rates throughout your items, while making future changes quick and easy.

Step 1: Research rates
Depending on the items in your shop and the countries you want to ship to, you can set different shipping rates to offer your customers the best prices.

For example, heavy items are best shipped in flat rate boxes to avoid high fees. Media, such as books and DVDs, can be shipped in designated media boxes which take longer to ship but are much, much cheaper than normal shipping.

The reason research is important is so that you avoid charging too high and discouraging customers, as well as charging too low and losing money.

Step 2: Measure your items
This is key, as determining which items go in which boxes can save you a lot of future time and effort. Assign each item a box size, and figure out how many of said items can fit into the same box. This will be important later.

Step 3. Create a shipping profile

  1. Log into your shopkeeper's account.
  2. Go to "My Store" and select "Shipping Profiles".
  3. Select "Create new shipping profile" in the top right corner.
  4. You will see the following options:

Name (pick something descriptive, so you will know what you are selecting when uploading items)
Country (select one of the countries you would like to ship to)
Primary Shipping (how much it costs to ship one item to the selected country)
Secondary Shipping (how much it will cost to ship this item with another order to the selected country)

Each shipping profile is geared for one box type or size. The idea is that one item will always fit into the same box.

Step 4. Add more countries
Select "Add more locations" and create different shipping costs for each country you have decided to ship to. These different shipping arrangements will be viewable to all customers visiting your shop.

Step 5. Add shipping profiles to your items.
Now you can truly see the value of adding shipping profile. Instead of handwriting all of the different shipping prices per item, all you have to do is select the box your item fits in, and voila! All of the countries and their respective rates are filled in.

Need to change your shipping rates?
No problem! Simply log into your account, find the shipping profile(s) you would like to change, and make your adjustments.

Have a costume that literally doesn't fit inside the box?
You can make individual changes on each item if, for some reason, one costume just happens to be a little different than the other items in your store. It's ok to be different at

If you have any more questions, send an e-mail to