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Get Your Shop Ready for a Sale

Make sure your shop is ready for an influx of traffic with these tips to making your shop customer-friendly for these high stress periods:

Be clear and comprehensive. Shopping online has to replicate the in-person buying experience as much as possible. Avoid the uncertainty that results in dropped sales by being as thorough and upfront as possible. Keep the important information "above the fold" (what you see on the page before you have to scroll). Consider making one of your images a size chart or show alternative color options. And always, always add a personal, professional touch.

Periodically test your site. Go through the process of making a purchase (without actually purchasing) or have a friend run through your products and send a list of questions they have when trying to buy an item. Having a second set of eyes can illuminate issues that are as clear as day for you, but may be the key factor in whether someone clicks "add to cart" versus "x".

First impressions are everything. The first image in your product listing is the one that is continually shown through the Shop and site in order to encourage crossovers. Photos must be in focus, well-lit, and showing all the features of the item you are trying to sell.

Social media, with strategy. It's great to consider social media as a means to drive traffic to your shop, but make sure you have a plan. Talking only about yourself is a good way to lose friends. When utilizing social media, you need to have a balance between personal thoughts, useful information, and promoting your own interests.