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Creating a Custom Campaign to Promote Your Shop


Being an independent belly dance vendor comes with a unique set of challenges. In the sea of online options, it's a fight to be seen by your belly dancing comrades. It is towards this goal that operates: we want people to find your original and creative works of art, whether DVDs, CDs, costumes, veils, skirts, jewelry and more.

One of our shopkeepers came to us recently with a brilliant idea. She had discovered a way to deliver coupons via Facebook and wanted to utilize's wide social circle to draw audiences to her store. Jennifer at SpotlightDesigns offers beautiful 25 yard gypsy skirts, and to generate buzz, she was selling a few dark blue skirts for more than 75%.

Needless to say, we wanted to help her out. So we promoted the sale through Facebook, Twitter, and to our sales mailing lists. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, selling out in a few hours.

And then, we hit a snag. Jennifer, without knowing the consequences, had made a change in her personal finances that ended up putting a big road block to what should have been a fantastic sale.

"I changed my banking information and it caused my PayPal account to become unverified," said Jennifer. "It was a big disaster that I could have easily avoided." only allows verified sellers to sell on our website. It's a setting that we test at the very beginning of when a shopkeeper sets up their site. However, if a change is made to that original PayPal account, we do not allow transactions to take place. It's one of the ways we protect our shoppers from purchasing from spammers or scammers.

"Luckily, stepped in and saved the day. Everyone who wanted a skirt got a skirt, which makes me happy. I just wish I'd known better than to change my account information," said Jennifer. "That will never happen again."

At the end of the campaign, Jennifer still thinks the sale was a success, and is ready to repeat the promotion, once she's done extensive tests to her PayPal account.

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