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Yarn Tassels

Gorgeous tassels! They love to sway and swing!

Comes in many colors, not just those that are pictured! Last picture is of all the colors of yarn that I have and tassels can be made to order and shipped within two days!

Tassels sets come in nine: two 2", two 4", two 6", two 10", and one 12". They have a nice point so there is no need for a triangle scarf!

Any tassels that are made to order can only have up to four colors.

I have found some extra colors!

-Cotton candy colors! (fades from blue to purple to a soft pink and back)
-Bright yellow
-Dark blue
-Fuzzy black
-Fuzzy dark blue tones (fades from dark blue to light blue and back)

The green tone is unfortunately unavailable due to it being a poor dye lot. The colors are splotchy and don't fade well. I do, however, have one tassel set ready to be shipping if one is willing to take it. It'll be a discounted price! The colors are mostly blue with a few spots of green and yellow. If you are willing to buy and want to see pictures, please email me at!
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