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Revive Shimmy Juice

REVIVE Shimmy Juice is much more than an energy drink. It’s a superior natural blend to help your mind and body perform at its best!
Its contents provide marked improvements in several body functions, such as: memory, mental clarity, endurance, alertness, physical and athletic performance, pain management, weight loss, adrenal function and more. Users have more balanced blood sugar levels, improved cholesterol & blood pressure. It comes in powdered form to be added to 10-14 oz. of water. The benefits of REVIVE are felt within minutes and last for hours with no crash, like most energy drinks. REVIVE is only $1.50/serving, as opposed to other energy drinks that sell for $2-$5/serving. And, for a consumer to get all the same vitamins and supplements in REVIVE, it would cost over $500/month. REVIVE is a fraction of that cost (approx. $50/month)!
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