Belly Dance Costumes - Bra and Belt Sets

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Red Metallic Bra and Belt Set

"I Love This Yarn"'s Red Sparkle worsted weight yarn does just that, sparkle! Embellished with silver colored sequins, size 6/0 and size 11/0 red seed beads, and silver metallic crochet thread oya designs, the bra has a tassel of tiny red and silver seed beads with tiny silver colored aluminum coins attached dangling from the center ring of the bra. The belt, embellished the same as the bra, has three strand tassels around the belt.

The bra is a size 36 C with a skirt enclosure for added strength. The belt is in two panels, each is 3 1/2" deep with the front being 21" long and the back 22" long. The back panel has three strips of Velcro on each end so that the belt is adjustable from 38" to 42".
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