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Ojo de Dio Copper Cross

The wirework on this delicate soldered hammered-wire cross reminded me of the yarn-and-stick Ojo de Dios ("Gods' Eyes) I used to make as a child. It hangs from an 18" chain with a handmade clasp.

The pendant measures 1.25" long. All copper surfaces have been treated with microcrystalline Renaissance Wax.

Over time, copper surfaces will develop a lovely patina. Should you wish to keep your copper jewellery bright, you have several options. If your piece does not use glass, you can simmer it in a non-reactive saucepan containing 2T sea salt and 1/2 cup white vinegar. If your piece does feature glass elements, you can polish your copper with inexpensive ketchup, either alone or mixed with sea salt, to restore the penny-bright finish.
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