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CUSTOM Artisan Necklace with Pearls, Cloisonne & Crystal Beads for the Adventurous Shopper

This Artisan Necklace is for the more adventurous shopper who enjoys unique artisan jewelry. There are no two necklaces that come out the same since each strand of pearls, variety of cloisonne beads, crystals, and seed bead choices make endless variations, creating a unique piece of jewelry! If you like a bit of balanced asymmetry, elegant artsy, with splashes of color and sparkle, I can create a unique combination just for YOU!

Above are only a few samples of these Artisan Necklaces I've done previously. Though there is a theme, no two necklaces are alike!

Contact me with you choices (below) and ideas. I will confirm options with you before I start construction of your necklace.

A. Cloisonne beads in: (Note: Cloisonne beads are mixed, rarely matched shapes, with a background main color (listed choices below) and all have several accent colors. Some have silver-tones or gold-tones in them. I tend to mix silver-tones and gold-tones unless you specify otherwise.)
1. White
2. Black
3. Blue
4. Green
5. Red
6. Brown

B. Pearls: (Freshwater pearls, varying sizes, shapes. I will do my best to accommodate if you specify a shape type: round, rice, potato, baroque (uneven), etc. Please keep in mind sizes vary too.)
1. White or
2. Color (dyed--always have lots of variations depending upon the dying process. If I can't find a color that works well, I'll let you know before I move forward creating your necklace.)

C. Crystals
Do you trust me to pick something that goes well with the color choices above?
Do you want coordinating (matching) or contrasting color crystals?

D. Seed Beads
Do you trust me to pick something that goes well with the color choices above?
Do you want coordinating or contrasting color seed beads? Silver-lined or Gold-toned, white or black seed beads?

E. Unless you specify a strong preference for gold-toned or silver-toned clasp and jump ring, I'll make the decision based on the other colors in the necklace.

Are you an adventurer when it comes to jewelry? Want a unique piece that you know no one else will have one just like it? This Artisan Necklace might be just what you're looking for as a special gift for yourself or someone else. Let's CREATE some fun!

This necklace is 18 to 20 inches long. If you want more variability in length to the approximate 18 to 20 inches long, just add an extender (sold separately).

I use professional-grade nylon-coated beading wire, crimp beads and crimp covers, and a large-sized lobster-claw clasp and 7 to 8 mm closed jump ring closure for secure and ease of putting on and taking off necklace.

Please allow 3 weeks from time we complete the custom made-to-order ordering transaction, finalize choice of color options to time you receive shipment. During the busy holiday season allow up to an extra 7 days. This item is being lovingly and specially made just for YOU! Thank you for your patience!

Please note: All custom made-to-order items must be paid in full in advance.
With apologies, since this order is being specially made only for you, there are no returns on custom made-to-order items. Please be certain you make your color selection carefully. I can email photos to you of various color selections during the ordering and designing process to be certain it is what you want. Compare it to color swatches or clothing you will wear it with to be certain of a good match. If you are not completely satisfied at either of these stages of the transaction process, we can make changes.
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