Creating a Shop on HipMix.net is quick, easy, and can be: free.

HipMix.net Profile Members* are able to create a shop, upload an unlimited amount of items, and keep their shop indefinitely, all for free.

Preferred Profile Members are given the same benefits, plus they will be periodically featured in news articles, and on the home page of Shop HipMix.net.

Become a Profile Member or Preferred Profile Member today.

If you choose not to have a profile on HipMix.net, you may still have a shop. You will be charged a nominal $10 monthly rental fee.

The only sales fees sellers on Shop HipMix.net will incure is a standard 3.5% fee each transaction.


Transaction Fees (3.5%) + Rental Fee (if applicable) = your monthly shop charges

Fees are combined and charged on the 16th of every month** .

Profiles must be fully completed and public to qualify (video optional)
Profiles on HipMix.net are not the same as Buyer/Shopkeeper accounts that are set up during the registration process of the Shop HipMix.net site. Read more about becoming a Profile Member or Preferred Profile Member here
Cumulative fees over the course of the month prior, ending at noon CST on the 15th
If the 16th falls on a weekend, the charges will be made on the following business day
If a month's fees are less than $5, they will rollover to the next month